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Ours is a family business, with no outside employees, owned and operated by a Christian husband & wife team. We have been in business for ourselves since March 12, 1983, although Randolph started learning his craft many years before this date.

A little history of how we got where we are today...

Thanks to his parents Randolph has always had a strong work ethic. He landed a job in a shoe repair shop as an apprentice when he was just a Freshman in high school. He kept that part-time job for the next 8 years, even working on weekends when he was home from college. 

In the fall of 1975, he hired on full time with a larger shoe repair shop while completing his last year of college as well as his first year of marriage to Twyla. He was laid off for lack of enough work coming in, just over a year later.

Randolph quickly found a job as an order collector in a construction equipment dealership while continuing to apply for work as a Forester since that is what he had his Bachelor's Degree in. With our country in a recession and the job market flat, no one was hiring in that field.

A few months later, in addition to his full-time job, he began to work again part-time for the shop that had laid him off, as well as occasionally helping out the shop owner that had hired him in high school. He now had three jobs!

He continued to work off and on for both shops when he was needed, even though he had found a higher paying full time job working for a local trucking company. Being honest and reliable, he quickly worked his way up to management in this new job, and accepted the position of 2nd shift dock foreman.

In March of 1983, the owner of the larger shoe shop decided to downsize his operation and sell one of his 5 locations. He offered it to Randolph, and we became entrepreneurs!

After 22 years in a successful business, we decided to offer more people the opportunity to experience Randolph's National Award Winning talents by putting our business online. We hope you will give us a try, and in the process, rediscover something 'old-fashioned' that is usually missing in today's business transactions... excellent personalized customer service in a friendly family atmosphere. We believe you will appreciate both our outstanding craftsmanship and service!